Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lab 1: Specialized botanical library, Herbarium and collecting techniques

The first week of lab you visited the FLAS Herbarium located in the Florida Museum of Natural History of the University of Florida that houses one of the biggest collections of Floridian plants.  We would like to encourage you to read read more about the collections that are deposited in this institution and other services and projects in the following link:

FLAS Herbarium

You were also introduced to important floras and botanical literature available in the FLAS Herbarium that will be very useful in your future botanical projects.  You can browse the FLAS library through the following link:

 FLAS library
Floras of the southeastern US that might help you to identify your plants

The herbarium also offers drying and mounting plant facilities.  If you plan to collect plants and process them in a professional way we recommend you to check the following site and use the facilities that FLAS offers:

Plant press available at FLAS herbarium for plant collecting
Plant drier